About ASTI

About ASTI

Started in 2008 by entrepreneur, Sam Nicolino, Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) sought to develop a product that would help people sleep soundly without the assistance of over-the-counter sleep aides or prescriptions.  The Company’s goal: help people fall asleep and stay asleep naturally.

Armed with an extensive engineering background in the Silicon Valley, his musical ability and some co-conspirator band mates that also share his engineering background, Sam set out to develop a sound machine that redefines the science of sleep. With nearly half a billion people worldwide suffering from sleep disorders – spending an estimated 16 billion annually on treatment – Sam’s desire to help people fall asleep naturally couldn’t come at a better time.


Executive Team


Sam Nicolino

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

As CEO/President of ASTI, Sam Nicolino is responsible for steering the company and its advancements. Prior to starting ASTI, Nicolino was a Director of Strategic Products at NVIDIA Corporation, where he was responsible for the company’s platform products including certain design and packaging, quality assurance, manufacturing, and compliance issues.

Previously, Nicolino founded AppNet Inc. where he served as the CEO and Vice President of Marketing until the company was acquired by NVIDIA in 2001.  Nicolino has also worked with a variety of high technology companies including Intel, ATARI, Silicon Compiler Systems, SUN Microsystems, and National Semiconductor Corporation throughout his 40-year career.

Sam holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering as well as a Master’s of Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University. Sam’s hobbies include Ham Radio, Antique Radio repair, playing piano/organ in a local Jazz Band, and Gardening.


Keith Washo

VP of Global Sales and Marketing

Keith Washo leads the company sales and partnerships across various channels with key customers, resellers, OEMs, and industry influencers. In addition, he drives marketing and oversees PR for the business.

Previously Washo was at Qualcomm where he led partner marketing and channel sales for the Qualcomm Atheros division. In that role he was responsible for launching marketing programs and developing channel sales relationships. Washo also worked with leading technology companies like Creative Labs, SanDisk, and start-ups such as Bigfoot Networks and founding of his own company, Amazing Tech Products Inc. which launched the Purebuds Earphones product

Washo is an active member of ToastMasters International where he is President of his club in San Jose, CA. In addition, he is a keyboardist, composer, and publisher of his own music. Washo holds an Executive MBA from Saint Mary’s College of California, A Master’s in Music Business & Entertainment Industries from University of Miami, and a B.A. In Broadcasting & Music from the State University of New York at Oswego.


Ira Chayut

VP Engineering

Ira Chayut’s areas of responsibility include design, engineering, and the day-to-day operations of ASTI.  His passion for the products that he co-developed is only equaled by his drive for world-class customer service.

Ira Chayut is a highly-accomplished engineer and manager, and has held technology leadership positions in numerous Silicon Valley firms. Ira’s record of achievement includes co-inventing the networked file server appliance. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded dotRocket, Inc., a start-up that developed an HTTP compressing proxy. Ira also developed design automation software, used by large multinational chip design houses and leading-edge start-ups.

As a technical manager, Ira launched new development groups at start-up firms as well as established companies. Ira’s past roles include Verification Architect at NVIDIA, Software Vice President at dotRocket, Director of Logic Design and Verification at Cradle Technologies, and Director of Engineering at Rockwell Semiconductor. He has been granted patents covering CPU architecture, integrated circuit construction, and system verification. Ira holds a BSEE from The Cooper Union, and an MSEE from the University of Illinois.


Brian Brockhouse

SoundStory Production Manager

Brian Brockhouse leads the ASTI SoundStory development team. We design the Sound Stories, and we record and edit the individual sounds that tell each story. Brian holds degrees in English and Computer Science from Iowa State University, Sam’s alma mater. He has worked as a programmer and data architect at Hewlett-Packard and San Jose Jazz, and as a bass player with Silicon Valley jazz favorites such as Octobop and VJB.

The sound development team also includes Jack Conway in California and Phil Steffen in Boston. Both Ira and Sam have also contributed sounds to the ASTI library. With ASTI’s line of products, our team has the opportunity to compose sounds on a new and unique platform. This opportunity is what launched the team, but what drives us is encapsulated in ASTI’s mission to create products that help people fall asleep naturally and stay asleep.


Jack Conway

Head of Customer Service & Support

Jack Conway leads the ASTI Customer Service & Support team. Conway comes to ASTI after a 25 year career managing customer service in the home loan industry with firms including MetLife. Conway is also a prolific composer and musician. Conway studied with some of the world’s leading jazz artists like Bill Courtial, Jerry Hahn, and Art Lande. Outside of managing the support and service operations at ASTI, Conway performs with the groups “Octobop” and “Tuesday Night Live” in Silicon Valley.