Product Info

Product Info


Designed with help from customers, beta testers, and sleep and sleep disorder consultants, SOUND+SLEEP was masterfully engineered with unique features to help you relax and sleep more quickly.
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Adaptive Sound™ Demo

Adaptive Sound™ technology is a patented method of automatically adapting audio playback based on the unique ambient and acoustical characteristics of one’s environment.
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Sound Profiles

Sweet dreams have never sounded better. Read more about the 10 naturally recorded high-definition SoundStories.


SOUND+SLEEP’s Adpative Sound™ makes a difference. Read why people love their SOUND+SLEEP machine.

PTPA Seal of Approval

SOUND+SLEEP received the seal of approval from Parent Tested, Parent Approved. Learn more about PTPA and how SOUND+SLEEP earned this seal.


Learn more about how the SOUND+SLEEP machine functions, including the Adaptive Sound™ technology, to give you a better night’s sleep.


Learn more about how to use the SOUND+SLEEP machine with Adaptive Sound™ technology.
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