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Note: The online version of the manual contains corrections and updates to the printed manual included with the product. Where differences exist, please use the web version as the authoritative reference.


Getting started


  1. Chose a level surface like a table top or nightstand for the SOUND+SLEEP Adaptive Sound™ Therapy System. Ensure that the microphone opening on the front panel is not blocked.
  2. Insert the small end of the AC power adapter into the bottom of the unit. Plug the other end into a 110 VAC wall outlet.
  3. Press the Power Button to turn the unit on.


Check the bottom of your SOUND+SLEEP for the serial number of your unit, and write it down in the Owner’s Record section at the bottom of page 8.

In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your SOUND+SLEEP, you may be asked for this number to help Customer Service accurately pinpoint information on your specific unit.

You’ll also need this information to request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number, in case you need to return your unit for warranty repairs or replacement.


SOUND+SLEEP controls and indicators

Powering On/Off

Press the Power Button once to turn on your SOUND+SLEEP Adaptive Sound Therapy System. The small orange light next to the Power Button will light when the unit is on. Press the Power Button again to turn the unit off.

CAUTION: Never turn your unit off and on by plugging and unplugging it at the wall outlet or convenience receptacle while the unit is still powered on. Power surges that occur when plugging and unplugging the unit when it is still powered on can damage the device.

Selecting Sounds

Rotate the large dial in the center of the panel to select a SoundStory. The small raised dot on the dial shows the currently playing sound. Your unit comes with 10 SoundStories.

NOTE: The Fan SoundStory will be played when the Waterfall SoundStory is selected with Low Richness.


Use the “+” button to increase the volume of the sound. Press the “–” button to decrease the volume.


Using Adaptive mode

What is Adaptive Mode?

SOUND+SLEEP has the unique ability to adapt and respond to intrusive noise in a room. The unit detects unusual or disturbing noises and adjusts the current SoundStory by adding enhanced sounds (sound richness) and/or raising the volume to reduce the prominence of the disturbance and replace it with a more soothing sound environment.

SOUND+SLEEP automatically detects the sound environment in a room where it is to be used to properly respond to that environment.

In a process called auto calibration, which is completely transparently to customers, SOUND+SLEEP detects things that effect sound in a room such as large objects that absorb sound (like a couch) or that reflect sound (like walls or large pieces of furniture). By continually probing its environment, SOUND+SLEEP effectively creates a map of its surroundings used to tailor performance to that specific environment.

When SOUND+SLEEP detects an unusual or disruptive sound, its awareness of the normal sound levels in its environments alerts the device to adjust volume, or to add richness to the SoundStory to help minimize or neutralize the disruption. While you’re asleep, this makes unusual sound less intrusive. If you’re using SOUND+SLEEP while you’re awake, it helps you stay tuned to the SoundStory rather than being distracted by disruptive noise.

Turning Adaptive Mode On/Off

Pressing the Adaptive Button turns Adaptive Mode on and off. When the Adaptive Button light is on, Adaptive Mode is on and your SOUND+SLEEP will react to background noise by automatically adjusting volume and blending in additional sounds when a disruptive noise is detected. Pressing this button once will turn off Adaptive Mode. When Adaptive Mode is off, the unit plays the SoundStory you selected, but will not respond to disruptive sounds. Pressing the Adaptive Button again returns the unit to Adaptive Mode.

NOTE: When in Adaptive Mode, SOUND+SLEEP is designed to react to disruptive sounds. That includes loud voices or people speaking too near the device. This works well in office environments where nearby conversations can be distracting. If you would like to have SOUND+SLEEP play during a conversation without adjusting volume or richness, simply turn Adaptive Mode off.

NOTE: When setting the volume in Adaptive Mode you are actually setting the maximum volume it can reach when it detects a loud noise in your environment. If it seems too quiet when it is quiet in your room, turn it up!

Adjusting Richness

Your SOUND+SLEEP Adaptive Sound™ machine uses long recordings of natural sounds blended with a wide variety of short nature sounds to create the most natural possible listening environment. When Adaptive Mode is active, the short sounds are blended into the primary SoundStory to help block disturbing background noises. When Adaptive Mode is off, these additional sounds are still used to create a richer and more natural listening experience for the SoundStory.

However, the rich variety of sounds that makes the audio environment calming during the day may be too complex to aid with sleep. Your SOUND+SLEEP Adaptive Sound™ Therapy System has a Richness Button that lets you control the breadth of sounds used to produce the most pleasing audio environment under a variety of conditions.

A higher Richness level uses a broader range of sounds to produce a more dynamic environment particularly effective during the day. In contrast, a lower Richness level reduces the range of sounds, creating a simpler and less complex sound environment that may be more calming and helpful in facilitating relaxation and sleep.

NOTE: The Fan SoundStory will be played when the Waterfall SoundStory is selected with Low Richness.

Richness Controls

There are three richness levels in all: low (all lights off), medium (one light on), and high (two lights on).

Adjusting the richness level varies the range of sounds blended into the primary SoundStory from fewer (low) to the full spectrum of the sound library for a particular SoundStory (high).

Each SoundStory contains its own unique library of sounds used to enrich the primary SoundStory producing the Richness levels. Adjusting the Richness level for each SoundStory enables you to adjust the story to your listening preferences.

Richness can be set to 3 levels:

High With Richness on High, the SoundStories are the most complex.  For example, in the Ocean setting, the sound of a fog horn or barking sea lion will occasionally be heard.  In the Rain setting, a thunderclap will occasionally be heard.

Medium In the Medium setting, only more moderate sounds will be incorporated in the SoundStory.  Additional sounds such as bird calls, will be played, but they will occur less often.

Low In the Low setting the SoundStory will play at its most moderate level.  For example, in the Ocean setting, only waves will be in the SoundStory.  The Waterfall SoundStory is bit different than the others.  The Fan SoundStory will be played when the Waterfall SoundStory is selected with Low Richness.


Using SOUND+SLEEP for Sleep

Turning the Display Lights On/Off

Your SOUND+SLEEP machine provides controls allowing you to disable the display lights for nighttime use. Pressing the Display Button turns off all the lights on the unit. The SOUND+SLEEP will continue to produce sound normally, but will not have any active lights which may interfere with sleep.

Pressing the Display Button again turns all lights back on. Pressing any other button while all lights are off will temporarily turn on the lights for 15 seconds allowing you to see the unit respond and perform the requested action. This is used, for example, to allow you to easily verify the desired Richness Level.

The last display mode setting (lights ON or lights OFF) is remembered when the unit is powered off.

Sleep Timer

Your SOUND+SLEEP comes equipped with a Sleep Timer that allows you have the unit automatically turn itself off after the period of time you specify.

The Sleep Timer can be set to off, or to automatically shut off in 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

The Sleep Timer setting is indicated by the lights next to the button. Pressing the button multiple times cycles through these settings. The Sleep Timer light for the setting you’ve chosen is centered under your selection. When all lights are off, the Sleep Timer is turned off.

Turning the unit off with the Power Button automatically clears the Sleep Timer setting. Pressing the Timer Button when the unit is off will turn on the unit and set the sleep timer to the 30 minute setting.


Additional features

Using Headphones

A standard 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack is located on the lower right side of the SOUND+SLEEP. No headphones are supplied with the unit, but ordinary stereo headphones used for other devices can be plugged into this jack to listen to the SoundStories. When headphones are plugged into the jack, the speaker sound is disabled.

When in Adaptive Mode with headphones connected, SOUND+SLEEP continues to automatically adapt to disruptive or unusual sounds, raising and lowering volume and adding richness. If you find that the soothing SoundStories and headphones are sufficient to provide the sound environment you seek, simply turn Adaptive Mode off by pressing the Adaptive button once.

CAUTION: Avoid using headphones at high volumes. Prolonged exposure to high sound pressure levels may impair hearing.

Using With an Amplified Audio System

The headphone jack can be used to connect SOUND+SLEEP to an external sound system so you can play SoundStories through that system’s speakers. Common stereo systems, or powered speakers like the ones used with a computer or MP3 player can also be used. Do not use SOUND+SLEEP to drive an unpowered set of speakers directly.

Adaptive Mode will work the same way with external speakers as it does with SOUND+SLEEP’s built-in speakers, except you’ll need to adjust volume and equalization to suit your needs.

Restoring Factory Settings

If SOUND+SLEEP behaves strangely for any reason or if you’ve simply forgotten settings changes you’ve made, it is possible to restore the unit to the factory settings.

First power off the unit and then simply press and hold the Power Button for 3 seconds. The unit will be reset to the factory settings. This means all changes to original settings you have made will be erased, and you can once again customize the settings on your SOUND+SLEEP.

 SoundStories Special Cases

When the Waterfall or White Noise Soundstory is selected, these special case SoundStories are played:

Special Case SoundStories

For a complete description of all of the SoundStories, go to:

Troubleshooting guide

Should your unit exhibit a problem, please refer to the following table before seeking service.

Symptom Possible Cause Solution
No operation when unit is powered on Disconnected power plug Check the power connection on the bottom of the unit and at the wall jack. Ensure both are firmly seated.
AC adaptor is connected to a switched wall outlet Move the unit to an un-switched wall outlet
Faulty AC outlet Move the unit to another outlet and try powering on again
System needs to be reset First power off the unit. Then press and hold the Power Button for 3 seconds.
Unit is powered on but no sound is heard Volume is turned down Press and hold the Volume Up button to increase volume.
Other unexpected behavior Try the “factory reset” procedure. 1) Unplug power adapterfrom the AC outlet
2) Pressand hold the Power Button down while plugging power adapter back into AC outlet.
3) Continue to hold power button down for 5 seconds.
4) Repeat 1-3 up to three more times if unit does not turn on.